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Professional Sound Equipment  

We believe in providing the best in professional sound , please see below for more information ! 

Yorkville Tops 

Yorkville NX55P

500W Powered speaker 

Yorkville NX750P

750W Powered Speaker

Yorkville Parasource *NEW

1400W Powered Speaker

Yorkville Sub Woofers 

Yorkville 720S

720W Powered Subwoofer

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Mixers  & Microphones 

Dennon 7000 Mixer 

Sound Mixer 

Mackie 802 

Sound Mixer

Shure SM58

Wired Hand Help Microphone 

Shure Beta 

Wireless Handheld Microphone

Cables & More


Speaker / Microphone Cable


Speaker / Microphone Cable 


Power Cable

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